Upcoming Events

28-29 June 2019
G20 Summit; Osaka, Japan
More information here.
01 December 2019 
Saudi Arabia G20 Presidency begins

20 - 21 April 2020               
Global Solutions Summit 2020
The World Policy Forum in Berlin
More information will be available soon on this website. 


Past Events

26-27 May 2019
T20 Summit; Tokyo, Japan
More information here.

20–21 May 2019
OECD Forum 2019: World in Emotion, Paris
More information can be found here.

16 April 2019
CASS-IfW - Global Solutions Workshop, Kiel
on “Global Challenges and Global Solutions”
More information about the CASS-IfW Workshop 2019 in Kiel, Germany can be found here.

10 April 2019, 16:30-18:00
Brookings-VISION20 (V20) Workshop, Washington DC

“Beyond Neoliberalism in Emerging Markets”

18 - 19 March 2019
Global Solutions Summit 2019 
The World Policy Forum in Berlin
More information can be found here.
19 February 2019
Digitising Europe Summit, Berlin
"The Future of Made in Europe - Advancing Europe's vision of a social market economy for a digital age"
More information can be found here.
30 January 2019         
Global Solutions Taipei Workshop
on “Promoting Human-centred Development in the Digital Age”
More information can be found here.
28 January 2019
Think20 Mumbai
More information about the workshop will be available here.

17 Januar 2019
Leibniz-Wirtschaftsgipfel, Berlin 
More information about the summit on the future of world trade can be found here

16 January 2019
Commemoration: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the face of Climate Change and Migration, Berlin
With a speech given by Julian Bents, a Young Global Changer of the Global Solutions Initiative

4-5 December 2018
T20 Inception Conference Japan