Global Solutions Summit

The annual Global Solutions Summit held by the Global Solutions Initiative brings together international research organizations, thought-leaders and decision-makers from across political, business and civic communities. The next Global Solutions Summit will take place on April 20-21, 2020 in Berlin.

In times when international cooperation to deal with global issues is under severe strain, we hope that you will participate in this unique meeting of global problem solvers at the Global Solutions Summit 2020. To take part, please register here.




In 2019, 1,600 participants from various sectors and 120 countries have registered for the summit, met with 221 speakers and participated in over 60 sessions. The summit aimed to provide policy recommendations on major G20 issues and thereby served as a stepping stone to the Japanese T20 Summit in May 2019 and the Japanese G20 Summit in June 2019. The Global Solutions Summit 2019 was a T20 Japan associated event.

The Global Solutions Summit 2019 focused on the priorities of the Japanese G20 Presidency, including policy recommendations on sustainable development, infrastructure finance, financial architecture, trade and investment, climate change, future of work and education, social cohesion and the future of politics, SME policy, policies for aging populations, and more. 

All discussions linked to the overarching narrative of recoupling economic, environmental and social progress. We furthermore highlighted all relevant issues for the future of multilateralism and strengthened the implementation site in our discussions.

Save your Ticket for 2020!

Order your ticket for the Global Solutions Summit 2020 and join the conference and an extensive program of side events (details will follow).

Date: 20 and 21 April 2020 in Berlin 

Ticket Price: 3,500 EUR excl. VAT

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